Ningbo Jianghua Glass Technology Co., Ltd, established in 1982,  located in the Jiangbei industrial zone of Ningbo City, is a high-tech enterprise employing over 250 staff.  

It sits on an area of 30,000 Chinese acres and specializes in the processing/manufacturing of energy-saving, environmental, safety glass for use in curtain walls, as well as doors and windows.  

Jianghua became Saint Gobain CLIMAPLUS PARTNER in 2006 and is now one of the most technically-advanced glass manufacturer in the Eastern China region.

Ningbo Jianghua Glass Technology Co.Ltd.
Address:Ningbo Jiangbei District Haichuang Road 88
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Bottero cutting machine
TAMGLASS tempering furnace
laminating production line
Digital in-glass ceramic ink printer
DGU fabircation line, brand LISEC,austria
Randy's three compartment continuous tempering furnace
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